30-Minute Test Drive Agreement

I ("Customer") desire to test drive a 2003 Lexus ES300 with VIN JTHBF30G636020730 "Vehicle" to help me evaluate if I would like to purchase this Vehicle. Chattanooga Motors LLC ("Dealer") located at 5710 Lee Highway, Chattanooga TN 37421, agrees to let me drive the Vehicle according to the following terms and conditions:

I, as the person receiving the Vehicle, hereby agree that I am liable for any injury, death or damage arising out of the use of this Vehicle. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Dealer from and against any loss, cost, liability or expense, including attorney fees incurred for defense, arising from or related to My ("Customer") use or possession of the Vehicle. I agree to demonstrate financial responsibility for costs incurred by the Dealer to repair damage relating to My use or possession of the vehicle, and carry at least state-minimum liability insurance. Dealer is engaged in the business of selling or repairing motor vehicles, and this Vehicle is provided in the course of that business. Any insurance available to Customer, including any available to Customer's employer if the vehicle is used in the course of Customer's employment, is primary, and any other available coverage is secondary or excess.

I acknowledge receipt of the Vehicle at the address above in good and safe mechanical condition and agree to return said Vehicle in the same condition as received, ordinary wear and tear excepted. While the Vehicle is in my possession I will not allow any other person to operate the Vehicle; I will be the only driver, I will not sublet or loan the car to any third person. Including myself, I will not allow more than four (4) passengers in the Vehicle. I will not use the Vehicle to engage in any race, speed test or contest; I will not propel or tow any trailer or other Vehicle; I will not use the Vehicle for any illegal purpose or in violation of any local, state or national law including illegally parking the Vehicle, but if I do, I will indemnify the Dealer from all liability and I will be responsible for any fines or towing charges that may result. I will not remove any parts or components from the Vehicle.

In case of an accident or upon learning that any warning light illuminates, the Vehicle overheats, a tire becomes flat or any other defect or dangerous condition exists in the Vehicle, I agree not to drive or permit the Vehicle to be driven until after I call the Dealer at 423-855-9905 and am given permission to drive the Vehicle. If there is an accident I will try to get the names and addresses of all the witnesses and I will cooperate with the Dealer and the authorities to properly report the accident. A copy of the Dealers insurance certificate is attached to the back of the Dealer Tag provided with the Vehicle.

I agree not to drive the Vehicle more than five (5) miles away from the Dealer's lot and to return the Vehicle to the Dealer within thirty (30) minutes or less starting now on 02/27/21 at 04:57:50 AM EST. If not returned on time, I authorize the Dealer to consider the Vehicle as stolen.

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